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Top 10 attractions you shouldn’t miss in Poland’s charming capital Warsaw [Photos]

23/05/2024 10:58 - AKTUALIZACJA 24/05/2024 11:15

Attractions worth seeing in Warsaw. There’s plenty to explore and enjoy in Warsaw. Are you interested in discovering the city’s cultural richness? Maybe you’re seeking top spots for evening entertainment or eager to sample Warsaw’s culinary delights? With a variety of options available, there’s something for everyone in Warsaw. Here are the key highlights of Poland’s capital city.

1. Old Town

Warsaw’s Old Town, dating back to the 13th century, stands as the city’s oldest district. Its market square and winding streets exude a charming atmosphere evoking times past. Exploring the Old Town reveals a wealth of treasures, including a plethora of restaurants showcasing the city’s culinary variety.

2. Łazienki Królewskie

Exploring the expansive almost 80-hectare Łazienki Park is a must when visiting Warsaw. Home to the renowned Łazienki Palace, also known as the Palace on the Water, its architecture is a highlight for tourists. With its diverse offerings, Łazienki Park warrants ample time for exploration.

3. Dollhouse museum

The Dollhouse Museum in Warsaw is an impressive collection featuring over a hundred dollhouses and exhibits from different historical periods. From a wedding dress shop to a pharmacy and school, it offers a nostalgic journey into childhood for adults and a paradise for children.
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4. POLIN museum of the History of Polish Jews

The POLIN permanent exhibition is a recent addition to Warsaw’s attractions, situated in the Polish district of Muranów. It delves into the tragic history of the Jewish ghetto established by German occupiers in 1944, where inhabitants faced systematic persecution. Through its exhibits, the POLIN Museum provides a comprehensive portrayal of over a thousand years of Polish Jewish history.

5. Powązki Cemetery

Is the cemetery among the top 10 monuments? With its magnificent sculptures and architectural elements, the historic Powązki Cemetery stands out. It serves as the final resting place for numerous renowned Poles.

6. Castle Square

Castle Square in Warsaw is shaped like a large triangle, with the Warsaw Castle at its center. During the summer, visitors can enjoy numerous concerts and exhibitions covering various topics.
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7. Observation terrace in Old Town

Would you like to take in a stunning view of Warsaw? Head to the historic Old Town, near the Royal Palace, where you’ll find the renowned Warsaw observation deck. Located above the former church tower next to the church of St. Anna, this observation deck offers a unique and unforgettable view. You can access it by climbing the spiral staircase for just five zlotys.

8. Krakowskie Przedmieście

Krakowskie Przedmieście, Warsaw’s royal promenade, holds the distinction of being the most renowned street in Poland. Stretching 2.8 kilometers in length, it, along with Nowy Świat and Aleje Ujazdowskie, constitutes the most picturesque stretch along the northern part of the Royal Route. The ambiance of Krakowskie Przedmieście is truly exceptional and not to be missed.

9. Interactive pinball museum “Pinball Station”

At Pinball Station, you’ll encounter 36 pinball
machines and a plethora of other arcade classics such as Mortal Kombat and
Pac-Man. If you enjoy the arcade atmosphere, this is the place for you. For a
fee of PLN 20, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the arcade games and slot machines
for as long as you like
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10. Library of the University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw Library stands out with its modern design, a departure from the traditional palaces and churches of Warsaw. The exterior facades are adorned with climbing plants, adding a unique touch. Inside, visitors can explore a vast collection of literature spanning numerous volumes.