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The most beautiful female and male names in Poland. „Both are truly special”

23/05/2024 13:14 - AKTUALIZACJA 23/05/2024 13:19

Choosing a name for a child can be quite a challenge. Many parents select names before birth, while others wait to see their newborn’s appearance before deciding. However, they all share a common desire: to give their child a beautiful name. Among thousands of options, two names stand out as exceptionally unique and popular among Polish parents. These names are considered the most beautiful for females and males in Poland.

The most beautiful female name in Poland

Recently, Dr. Bodo Winter, a professor of cognitive linguistics at the University of Birmingham, and his team examined a series of female names based on the harmony between meaning and sound. They discovered that one name stands out uniquely in this regard. This name is popular in approximately 40 countries worldwide, including Poland.
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Researchers have shown that the most beautiful female name in the world is Sofia/Sophia, known as Zofia in Polish. A record number of parents chose this name for their children in 2023, with 4,968 girls named Zosie born that year. In total, over 400,000 girls and women in Poland have this beautiful name.

The name Sophia (Sofia) comes from the Greek word „Sophia,” meaning „wisdom.” Therefore, this name is often associated with wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge. In addition to its beautiful meaning, the name Zofia also has an exceptionally melodic sound.

What is the most beautiful male name in Poland?

Although Antoni held the popularity record for several years, he had to yield to a new favorite in 2023. Of the boys born then, as many as 6,532 were named Nikodem! In total, over 65,000 boys and men in Poland have this name.

The name Nikodem comes from the Greek word „Nike,” meaning „one who conquers for the people” (Nike – victory, demos – people). Therefore, the name is associated with competition, perseverance, and intelligence. In addition to its rich meaning, the name Nikodem is also extremely versatile – suitable for both young boys and mature men.

Other popular and beautiful names given to girls in Poland include Zuzanna, Hanna, and Laura. For boys, the most common names are Antoni, Jan, and Aleksander.,