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How many cigarettes you can bring to Europe duty-free?  (2024)

19/04/2024 19:15 - AKTUALIZACJA 06/05/2024 18:34
cigarettes EU duty free

Bringing cigarettes into Europe (EU Tobacco Duty-Free Allowances 2024). You can only bring a limited number of cigarettes into an EU country without paying duty and/or tax. Here, we’ll provide you with the most up-to-date information on the current limits for bringing cigarettes into Europe according to the EU duty-free allowance rules.

Limits on the number of cigarettes and other tobacco products you can bring to Europe in 2024

Under the 2023 EU duty-free allowance rules, tobacco is subject to excise duty. While duty-free alcohol limits are common to all EU countries, the amount of tobacco or cigarettes you can bring into the EU without paying taxes or duties varies by country. The EU duty-free rules provide a framework with higher and lower limits for tobacco allowances; each EU country has the flexibility to set its own limit within this range. You’ll need to check for the most up-to-date information on tobacco allowances set by the customs authorities of the EU country you are visiting before traveling. Be aware that tobacco allowances are subject to change: keep yourself updated on the latest regulations for the country you are traveling to. Here is the current range of higher and lower limits to EU duty-free tobacco allowances:

cigarettes EU duty free

Higher limit
200 cigarettes or
100 cigarillos or
50 cigars or
250 g tobacco

Lower limit
40 cigarettes or
20 cigarillos or
10 cigars or
50 g tobacco

These tobacco products can be freely combined, but the overall limit must not be exceeded. For example, for travel to EU countries where the higher limit applies, you can carry 50 cigarillos and 25 cigars, this is your total allowance. If you bring in goods over your allowance, you must pay taxes on all of the goods in that category, not just those above the allowance.

Transporting larger quantities is possible only after reporting the transport to customs authorities and paying excise duty. Violations of the regulations are subject to penalties. If you exceed the total amount you must declare your goods:

  • online before you travel or
  • at the border when you arrive.

What kind of tobacco products can I bring to the EU duty-free?

Tobacco products include pipe tobacco, water pipe tobacco, plant, herbal or fruit-based smoking products. This means that the total cigarette allowance includes all varieties of cigarettes, whether they are conventional, herbal, or a blend of both.

Age limits for bringing cigarettes to EU

If you are under 17 years old, you are not entitled to an EU duty-free allowance for tobacco or alcohol.

Transiting in the EU via Switzerland or another non-EU country

If you are travelling through Switzerland on your way to Europe, you must comply with Swiss customs rules. In terms of allowances for alcohol, tobacco, etc., Swiss regulations are much stricter than EU directives.

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