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Top 10 biggest tourist attractions in Gdańsk for families with children

07/05/2024 16:53 - AKTUALIZACJA 10/05/2024 15:20

Attractions in Gdańsk for families. Gdańsk, known for its rich history and culture, is packed with captivating attractions for families with children. It offers a wide range of entertainment and educational experiences suitable for all ages, creating unforgettable moments for the whole family. Whether it’s theater performances, interactive museums, amusement parks, or historical landmarks, Gdańsk has something for everyone. Get ready for an exciting journey through the heart of Tricity, where every step brings new discoveries and adventures!

Attractions in Gdańsk for families: Miniature Theater

The Miniatura Theater welcomes both children and adults to its performances. At this theater, we can expand our imagination and immerse ourselves in magical moments. With a diverse repertoire, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The actors and actresses bring popular fairy tales like those of the Brothers Grimm to life on stage, alongside original plays by renowned playwrights. The Miniatura Theater also hosts workshops for children under the title „Miniature Academy.” Repertoire.
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Amber Museum

Gdańsk is renowned for its amber products, making a visit to the dedicated museum worthwhile. The Amber Museum showcases over 1,000 exhibits, featuring around 300 varieties of resin in various colors. Visitors can discover the process of amber formation and explore a fascinating exhibition of amber products. The museum displays amber chess sets, jewelry, and other exquisite treasures, offering insights into the mysterious Amber Room. Tickets.


The Gdańsk Zoo, situated in the Oliwa district within the expansive Tricity Landscape Park, spans approximately 123 hectares, making it the largest in Poland. Home to approximately 800 animals from various continents, including parrots, crocodiles, penguins, elephants, cheetahs, and lions, the zoo offers a diverse wildlife experience.
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For younger visitors, there’s a rope park where they can test their skills and enjoy outdoor activities. Additionally, the zoo features shops, vending machines with drinks and snacks, and restaurants and cafes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit for guests of all ages. Tickets.

Hevelianum center

Near the Old Town, there is a park where the impressive science center, Hevelianum, is located on Gradowa Street. Surrounded by greenery and featuring interesting architecture, it’s a delightful place to spend time.
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For younger visitors, Hevelianum offers attractions like the Creative Playground and Imagination Workshop, where educators lead classes to foster creativity in children. Science enthusiasts of all ages can delve into interactive exhibitions, laboratories, workshops, and scientific lectures, uncovering the fascinating secrets of science at Hevelianum. Tickets.

Deja vu museum

The Deja Vu Museum in Gdańsk is Poland’s first museum of illusions and optical illusions, featuring digital art and an interactive space for visitors of all ages. It promises great fun for the whole family, transporting you to a magical and extraordinary world.

At the museum, you’ll encounter a range of interactive attractions, including stunning mirror rooms, a disappearing chair, and a vortex tunnel. The museum is designed to stimulate all your senses and provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. Tickets.

PitStop-Gdańsk go-karts

For those who love fast driving, we invite all families to PitStop-Gdańsk, the largest go-kart track in Tricity. Experience the adrenaline rush and real speed on the track—it’s the perfect place to unleash your emotions in an active way. Driving a go-kart here promises an unforgettable experience, fosters healthy competition, and guarantees good fun in a sporty atmosphere. Join us for an exciting adventure at PitStop-Gdańsk! Price list.

Jump city

Sports enthusiasts visiting Gdańsk should not miss the largest trampoline park in Tricity, Jumpcity, spanning 2,000 m2! This exciting venue offers a range of attractions, including acrobatic paths, trampolines with basketball hoops for practicing dunks, a dodgeball arena, a gladiator zone, and an air track.

After jumping to your heart’s content, head to the food court at Jumpcity for a snack or a cup of coffee. Trainers are on hand at the trampoline park to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Don’t miss out on the thrill and excitement at Jumpcity during your visit to Gdańsk! Price list.

Reagan Park

Reagan Park stretches from Pomorska Street in Jelitkowo to al. Hallera in Brzeźno, situated very close to the sea. Cyclists will appreciate the numerous bike paths, while there are also skate parks and outdoor gyms for active visitors. As Gdańsk’s largest park, it’s perfect for long walks, picnics, and sports activities like football—all in a safe, vehicle-free environment.

If you’re traveling to Tricity with children, don’t miss the playgrounds within Reagan Park. These playgrounds feature houses, rocking horses, climbing elements, and more, offering endless fun and excitement for young visitors.

The Black Pearl ship

Join us for an adventure aboard the Black Pearl! This unique galleon-style ship is docked in Gdańsk, named after the fictional pirate ship from the „Pirates of the Caribbean” film series. The Black Pearl sails on the Gdańsk-Westerplatte-Gdańsk route. On board, enjoy breathtaking views and relax in the ship’s restaurant or bar. Step into the world of pirates and feel like a true buccaneer during this memorable cruise experience! Tickets.

Observation Circle

You don’t need to travel to the UK to experience the thrill of the London Eye—visit Amber Sky in Gdańsk’s Main Town instead! This observation wheel offers an exciting attraction for those unafraid of heights. From the top, enjoy stunning views of the city skyline, including shipyard cranes and ships navigating the Motława River—all from a height of up to 50 meters. Don’t miss this unique perspective of Gdańsk! Tickets.