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Exchange student from Poland heroically saves US schoolmate’s life

24/10/2023 17:47 - AKTUALIZACJA 18/03/2024 13:08
Polish exchange student saves US schoolmate’s life

Polish exchange student saves US schoolmate’s life. A Polish exchange student in the US has been hailed a hero after saving the life of a fellow schoolmate during a tragic incident at Winston-Salem Christian School in North Carolina. During a basketball game, 18-year-old Dejohn Blunt suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness due to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Exchange student from Poland saves US schoolmate’s life

Two exchange students, 17-year-old Szymon Koszyca from Poland and James Downie from Australia, reacted swiftly to the situation. They immediately began performing CPR and called for medical assistance. The resuscitation efforts lasted for 3 minutes and proved to be life-saving for Dejohn.

Current updates on Dejohn’s health

Fortunately, after spending a night in the emergency room Dejohn’s health conditions saw significant improvement. His basketball coach, Jake Honeycutt, provided regular updates on his health via Twitter, revealing that Dejohn was feeling much better and had been released from the hospital. Doctors are planning to conduct further examinations to determine the cause of the cardiac arrest.

These brave teenagers have received widespread media attention and are being referred to as „heroes.” They are being praised for their composure, poise, and expertise in first aid.
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