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There are only so many cigarettes you can bring into UK after Brexit. CURRENT LIMITS (2023)

26/10/2023 08:54 - AKTUALIZACJA 15/02/2024 12:47
Limits on the number of cigarettes you can bring into UK (2023)

Limits on the number of cigarettes you can bring into UK (2023). When traveling to Great Britain, please remember that after Brexit the number of cigarettes that can be brought into the country has changed. You can only bring a limited number of cigarettes into the UK without paying UK duty and/or tax. Here, we’ll provide you with the most up-to-date information on the current limits for bringing cigarettes into Great Britain and the UK according to the new UK duty-free allowance rules established after Brexit
READ IN POLISH: Tylko tyle papierosów można przewieźć do Wielkiej Brytanii w 2023 roku. AKTUALNE LIMITY

Limits on the number of cigarettes and other tobacco products you can bring into UK in 2023

When traveling to Great Britain (England, Wales or Scotland) from outside the UK you can take a limited number of cigarettes and other tobacco products with you for personal use

You are allowed to bring in ONLY ONE of the following without paying UK duty and/or tax:

  • 200 cigarettes or;
  • 100 cigarillos or;
  • 50 cigars or;
  • 250 g of tobacco or;
  • 200 sticks of tobacco for electronic heated tobacco devices.

These tobacco products can be freely combined, but the overall limit must not be exceeded. The UK Border Force explains that: „for example, if you only bring back 100 cigarettes (50% of your full allowance of 200), you may also bring back 25 cigars (50% of the full allowance of 50) to make up your 100% tobacco allowance. „

Please note that you cannot combine your personal allowance with anyone else.

Transporting larger quantities is possible only after reporting the transport to customs authorities and paying excise duty. Violations of the regulations are subject to severe penalties. If you exceed the total amount you must declare your goods:

  • online before you travel or
  • at the border when you arrive.

Your goods could be seized if you do not declare them.

If you enter Northern Ireland, however, you are allowed the same quantity of tobacco products as you can to all other European Union countries, that is:

  • 800 pieces of cigarettes
  • 200 pieces of cigars
  • 400 pieces of cigarillos 
  • 400 e-cigarette cartridges
  • 1 kg of tobacco

What kind of tobacco products can I bring into the UK?

It’s important to note that all references to „tobacco products” under the current UK duty-free rules on cigarettes include herbal smoking products. This means that the total cigarette allowance includes all varieties of cigarettes, whether they are conventional, herbal, or a blend of both.

Age limits for bringing cigarettes to UK

Cigarette and tobacco allowances are only available to those aged 17 and older. If you are under 17 and choose to bring any of these items into the UK, you will be required to pay taxes and duties on the entire quantity.