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How to make traditional Polish Easter eggs

14/03/2024 15:52 - AKTUALIZACJA 14/03/2024 21:15

Making Polish Easter eggs, also known as pisanki, is a beloved tradition in Poland that has been passed down through generations. These beautiful and intricately decorated eggs are a symbol of rebirth and new life, making them the perfect addition to any Easter celebration.
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How to make Polish Easter eggs

  • Preparations
    To make traditional Polish Easter eggs, you will need a few key supplies including eggs, wax, a kistka (a special tool used for applying wax), and dye. They are easily found in most craft stores or online.
  • Getting started
    To begin, start by carefully hollowing out each egg. This can be done by piercing a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg and blowing out the yolk and egg white. Be sure to rinse out the eggshell thoroughly and let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  • What to do next?
    Next, use the kistka to heat up the wax and carefully apply intricate designs to the eggshell. Traditional Polish designs often include geometric patterns, flowers, and symbols of spring. The wax will act as a barrier, preventing the dye from adhering to certain areas of the eggshell.
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  • Now the real craft begins
    Once the wax designs are complete, it’s time to dye the eggs. Traditional Polish Easter eggs are typically dyed using natural ingredients like onion skins, beets, and turmeric. Simply boil the eggs in the desired dye until you achieve the colour you want.
  • Almost done
    After the eggs have been dyed and dried, carefully remove the wax by holding the egg near a flame and wiping away the melted wax with a soft cloth. This will reveal the intricate designs underneath and give the eggs a beautiful finished look.
  • Final touches
    Finally, polish the eggs with a little bit of vegetable oil to give them a shiny finish and display them proudly as a centerpiece for your Easter celebrations.

Making traditional Polish Easter eggs is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the Easter holiday.