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The longest pier on the Baltic Sea is set to open this summer, spanning an impressive length of 720 meters

05/05/2024 16:07 - AKTUALIZACJA 06/05/2024 18:34

The longest pier on the Baltic Sea will welcome holidaymakers this summer. It stretches a remarkable 720 meters in length and uniquely features its own traffic lights. The pier will be wide enough to accommodate cars driving on it—an unusual sight indeed.
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The longest pier on the Baltic Sea opens this summer

This latest attraction will not be opening in Poland, but rather in Germany, specifically in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. This new pier will stretch an impressive 720 meters in length and will be 4.20 meters wide. It is supported by 87 stilts and is currently under construction, along with the adjacent port in the Prerow holiday resort. Both facilities are scheduled to open to visitors in the summer, two years after construction began on August 11, 2022.

The longest pier on the Baltic Sea will feature its own traffic lights, and while cars will be able to drive on it, the Ministry of the Environment clarified that it will not be open to public vehicle traffic. According to Nordkurier, limited-speed movement of official and emergency vehicles will be permitted on the pier.
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The pier and port on the island are expected to be ready by mid-July

The pier will connect to a new port with a usable area of ​​10,000m2, providing space for 33 recreational boats. There will also be space designated for the DGzRS sea rescue cruiser, which is 28 meters long. Additionally, a passenger pier will be constructed. Apart from serving as an emergency port, the main purpose of this development is to enhance the infrastructure for sailors. The port building features panoramic views of the Baltic Sea from its rooftop terrace. Access to both the pier and the rooftop terrace will be free of charge. However, there will be no restaurant or kiosk within the island’s port area.
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